Reverend Joseph W. Clark
Senior Pastor 
(877) 629-9329
 (301) 292-1444
10900 Indian Head Highway
Fort Washington, MD 20744

                    (Disciples of Christ)

Welcome to Fort Washington Christian Church (Disciples of Christ); a place of diversity, hospitality and grace.  We represent many points of view; our diversity gives us the opportunity to be enriched by the gifts and leadership of all.  If you have been wondering about whether to get involved in the faith journey, we encourage you to join with us in praising the LORD in a strong Christian environment at Fort Washington Christian Church.  We offer an intimate and joyous atmosphere.  We are a small and friendly church that invites you to join us in celebrating the word of God.  You may be surprised that Church is a lot more welcoming, fun, rewarding and life transforming than you ever thought it could be.  Our weekly service is lead weekly by our Senior Pastor, Reverend Joseph W. Clark.


Living the Gospel

When you come to our Church, you enjoy more of a personal connection, and once you are a member, we know each other by name, and we always greet you warmly when you return.  We are a devout and biblical based Church.  Senior Pastor, Reverend Joseph W. Clark and all the Associate and Assistant Ministers base all of their sermons on a particular scripture from the Good Book, connecting biblical teachings and offering you guidance in ways of your everyday life.


Contact us today in Fort Washington, Maryland and celebrate The Lord at our community
church featuring powerful weekly services and welcoming outreach and service programs.