Reverend Joseph W. Clark
Senior Pastor 
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10900 Indian Head Highway
Fort Washington, MD 20744
Who We Are

Our Church

The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) began in frontier America in the early 1900’s.  Today we have grown to over 1.2 million members in North American alone.  Original “Disciples” came from Presbyterian, Baptist, Methodist, and other backgrounds.  They came together out of a desire to do away with the many practices that divide the Church.  Their plea was for the unity of all Christians on the basis of no creed but Christ, and no book but the Bible.

We believe that Commitment to Christ as Lord and Savior is the only requirement for joining a Disciples congregation.  The Bible is our only guide, but members may hold different views on specific doctrines.  Those with doubts and questions are respected.

We believe in the ministry of all believers.  You will see men, women and youth serving in all phases of Church life.
We baptize by immersion but accept those from other churches who have been baptized by other methods.
The Lord’s Supper is celebrated every Sunday.  All who believe in Jesus as the Son of God are invited to partake.  Christ issues this invitation.

Contact our historic community church today and join us in celebrating the Christian life.