Reverend Joseph W. Clark
Senior Pastor 
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10900 Indian Head Highway
Fort Washington, MD 20744


Faith, Family and Fellowship all meet at our loving Church, gathering to study God’s word. We have a Tuesday, mid-day bible study at 11:00 a.m. and two Wednesday evening bible studies.  We study the word at 6:00 p.m. at the Senior Facility and at 7:00 p.m., bible study is conducted in Galloway Hall at the Church.  

Children's Ministry
The children's ministry seeks to minister to the social and spiritual needs of our children by building victorious disciples for Christ. 
Your children are welcome to attend our youth programs where they study and learn about God in a fun way.  Toddler care is provided during the morning worship service for children 15 months (potted trained) to age three and a pre-school program geared to children ages four and five and Children Church for ages six to eight.


Men’s Ministry

The Men’s Ministry encourages Christian men to build strong relationships with other men, develop Christian leadership skills, advance in individual spiritual growth, and fulfill their role in the Church and Family.

Our Men’s Ministry meets the third Saturday every month for a Prayer breakfast in the Chandelier Room.  We sometime take that Saturday to feed the homeless at a homeless shelter or visit the sick and shut-in. We sometimes have a special session to help young adolescent boys to deal with today’s challenges.  The Men would like to act as Mentors to our Youth and invite them to join us at the breakfast to assure them that we are here to ease their troubles.  During this time, the men and youths pray together for guidance.


Women’s Ministry

The Women’s Ministry seeks to challenge women to pursue unity and harmony through spiritual, physical, and emotional growth thus affecting the Church, the Family and the Community.

Our Women’s Ministry meets the first Friday night of every month in the Chandelier Room.  We present “Girls’ Night Out” where prayer and fellowship along with discussions on when and where to minister to individuals in local hospitals, nursing homes and homeless shelters.  The Women also collect and provide gifts to family shelters and women trying to re-enter the work force.


Marriage Enrichment Ministry

The Marriage Enrichment Ministry seeks to educate and to train couples in using core skills that will enrich their marriages no matter what stage they are in.

Comfort Ministry

The Comfort Ministry with an awareness of the seriousness of our mission to win souls for Christ, demonstrates our total commitment to assist our brothers and sisters who have lost loved ones as they deal with current and impending results of grief and loss.


Events Ministry

Our Events Ministry oversees our facility for special occasions.  We host weddings, birthday parties, and other events in our Sanctuary and Chandelier Room.


Uplifting Outreach Programs

Fort Washington Christian Church in Fort Washington, Maryland provides our community with outreach and service programs that invigorate the spirit and change lives.


One Day at a Time

Every Friday night, the 12 step group Narcotics Anonymous is hosted at our facility in Galloway Hall.  These meetings helps those addicted to drugs and alcohol  to kick their habits, stay clean and sober, and offer a safe environment to gather and communicate with others in recovery.

Elderly Lady - Outreach Programs


Helping Hand

Charity is a powerful form of spiritual service work.  Our Church is in partnership with other Churches in the area to collect and stock the food pantry to help feed the families or individuals in need in the community.

Contact us today in Fort Washington, Maryland to learn more about our outreach and service programs that make an impact on our community.